Sisters want father to pay Rs 4 crore per year

Well nothing to say here, 2 crore per year for studies in India. Imagine what they would demand after marriage, even Tata’s or Ambani’s would have a tough time ūüôā



NEW DELHI: Two sisters have moved a trial court seeking a maintenance of over Rs four crore per year from their father to pursue studies and meet daily expenses, saying they had left home in 2010 due to harassment meted out by their parents.

The girls, native of Ludhiana in Punjab, filed their plea before metropolitan magistrate Monika Saroha, alleging that they were subjected to torture, harassment, beating and all kinds of abuse, when they were residing with their parents.

The younger sister, preparing for her civil service exam, told the judge that “they are students and they have no source of income to maintain them”.

The court has issued notice to the father seeking his response by January next year. In their plea, the girls told the court that the trouble began when the elder sister, a final year B. Com student, told her father, a shopkeeper, that she wanted to pursue MBA. The younger one, a first-year B. Com student, also wanted to study MBA. But their father threatened to withdraw both of them from college, the petition said. The counsel also said the parents should be prohibited from committing any act of domestic violence.

“The girl’s father should be stopped from repeating any acts of physical and mental abuse, sexual abuse, threatening, lodging false cases or sending friends to threaten them and their friends,” their advocate ShaanMohan said.

“In these facts and circumstances, this court may direct the respondents to pay the aggrieved (the two sisters) a sum of Rs 2,00,00,000 each,” the counsel added.

Earlier, the Delhi high court had provided them with police protection after they alleged that their family friends “attacked” them.


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Story of sexually harassed men

We, as a society always vocal about men sexually harassing women. Laws are made, police directed to tackle it strictly. There are news articles we get to read in this line, making us believe men are dogs, always out there on the streets with a single point agenda to rape / molest / abuse / sexually exploit women.

Article 1: Men are Like dogs, with Potential. This is what an empowered woman writer describes men in her book.

Article 2: Sexual harassment at work charge against senior Doordarshan official

Article 3: Air hostess alleges sexual exploitation

We all know in our society, there are certain women who do not hesitate to take think twice to indulge in sexual route for professional gains. However,  the problem starts when her expectations are not completely met, or guilt factor comes into play. As a women (abla naari) she then has the option to take legal recourse. Cry rape / sexual harassment. This has two benefit, both will land her in winning position. first and foremost, it would allow her to gain sympathy from everyone around, plus will help her to get her job done, they way she wants.

Now, have we ever tried to think about those men, who are sexually exploited by women, what they go though? Probably not, and rightly so, cause our legal system also does not believe this aspect till date. If you are a bollywood buff, you might have heard about a b-grade movie called, Chetna. You may watch that movie to get an idea.

However, Times of India, tried to figure it out, and continue reading to know about their observations …. Please read till the last paragraph, as that tells the reality.


TOI on the changing tone and tenor of the sexual harassment in Nagpur

All those feminists, who had been screaming over the male atrocities, were shocked into silence reading the recent reports wherein a 42-year-old married woman Veera Kalra, a manager at a ready-made garments store, was booked for sexually harassing her 25-year-old employee Rahul Khandare. Rahul had recently committed suicide and left a five-page note, blaming Veera for sexually harassing him and being the main cause behind his frustration. And this is not a case in isolation. There are other cases, which have similar undertones. TOI tracks the phenomenon…

Case 1: Disha Chauhan (name changed), a 25-year-old girl working for a multinational herbal products company in the city, lured her new male colleague into a sexual relationship. After luring him into the relationship, she started urging him on to help her with getting more business and greater sales numbers, says our source from the police. He obliged and soon the girl proposed marriage to the lad. When he agreed to that as well, she told him to help in increasing her sales incentive from 35% to 50%. The guy invested heavily, bought the products in large numbers and even diverted many of his own clients to her. The girl achieved her target, married her senior and dumped the guy! Totally shocked, the guy initially went into acute depression, adds the source. Later, he finally gathered the courage to file a case at the Ajni Police Station for cheating and sexual harassment.

Case 2:¬†Rachna Bise (name changed), a 21-year-old married woman, charged her maternal uncle with attempt to rape, after she went absconding with a male friend of hers and was found by the cops, whereas the uncle’s family has lodged a case of sexual harassment against her.

Male harassment is a reality
A senior cop (requesting anonymity) says: “Cases regarding women’s sexual harassment and molestation are reported in large numbers, but sexual harassment of men is also a reality. We get many complaints these days of this nature, but most of the times, the guys refrain from filing the FIR. Hence, the number of cases reported remains very less.”

Victims suffer psychologically
It’s a myth that sexual exploitation hurts¬†women¬†alone and men remain unscathed, says Investigating Officer R G Rajulwar, who is handling Disha Chauhan case. He adds, “In this particular case, the boy, who was exploited and later dumped by her, became a complete recluse and even contemplated suicide. It was the never ending support of his family and friends that made him come out of his shell. So, it is no longer true that exploitation happens on one particular sex alone.”

Butt of myriad jokes
The sad part is that while the psychological trauma faced by the sexually harassed people of both the sexes remains equal, the men who report such cases, have to face public ridicule. “When a girl files a case of sexual harassment, she gets people’s sympathy, but when a guy files such a complaint, he becomes the butt of myriad jokes. That is why even when they are being exploited blatantly by certain women, they prefer to bear it in silence, or may take an extreme step like Rahul Khandare, who committed suicide,” said another senior cop, on the condition of anonymity.


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Divorce makes life hell for men

Our lawmakers and also many of us believe that divorce makes the life of the wife hell, it becomes very difficult for her to survive after a divorce. So we are happily making laws after laws to give protection and security to women. But, have we ever tried to think how it affects the man? Is he always happy to get back his lost bachelorhood? We always tend to believe that he should be happy, but reality begs to differ according to an International study. Read on:


Divorced men have higher rates of mortality, substance abuse, depression, and lack of social support, a new study has revealed.

Authors Daniel S. Felix, PhD,¬†University of Nebraska-Lincoln, W.¬†David Robinson, PhD,Utah State University, Logan, and Kimberly J. Jarzynka, MD, University of¬†Nebraska¬†Medical Center, Omaha demonstrate an urgent need to recognize and treat men’s divorce-related¬†healthproblems in a provocative case study and review of the literature entitled ‘The Influence ofDivorce¬†on Men’s Health.’

Divorce has been associated with a variety of psychological and behavioral disorders.

For the specific case of the divorced 45-year-old man described in this case study and review, the authors recommend how to evaluate his complaints and plan a course of treatment based on current clinical guidelines.

Ridwan Shabsigh, MD, President of the International Society of Men’s Health (ISMH), said that popular perception, and many cultures as well as the¬†media¬†present men as tough, resilient, and less vulnerable to psychological¬†trauma¬†than¬†women.

He said that the fact is that men get affected substantially by psychological trauma and negative life events like divorce, bankruptcy, war, and bereavement.

The study has been published in the Journal of¬†Men’s Health.


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False cases of domestic violence on the raise

The truth is out, that as the number of cases under domestic violence are increasing, so are the number of false cases. What are our lawmakers doing? Simply ignoring this fact, and making more and more such biased and illogical laws, citing existing laws are inadequate.


TRICHY: Records reveal that the cases of domestic violence against women are on the rise inTrichy, though not all are genuine incidents. It has been found that some women misuse the provisions of the law by lodging false complaints against their family members to settle scores or for gains.

An exclusive unit for dealing with cases related to domestic violence against women dealt with 33 such cases in July this year, a spurt over the 23 cases reported in June. The number of cases reported in the first five months of 2013 was 19, 26, 20, 14 and 16 respectively. “The cases of domestic violence against women are increasing. Domestic violence is reported irrespective of social status as the educated, the uneducated, the poor and the rich approach us to get a solution,” said Flora Margaret, protection officer at the department of social welfare, in Trichy.

Even though many of the complaints are genuine, it can’t be denied that some women misuse the Domestic Violence Act (DVA) to take revenge on their family members. “There are instances when women have used the Act as a weapon to separate from a joint family citing domestic violence. Such cases can be nailed. Women should make use of the Act to protect them from domestic violence but not to harm others,” said P Dhanalakshmi, an advocate.

The domestic violence is categorised as physical, verbal and emotional, sexual and economical. The cases under all the five categories were brought to the notice of this office. “We have come across all types of domestic violence here. We are trying to provide solution by inquiring with the complainant as well as the opponent. Once the case is settled, it would be happy ending for everyone. Otherwise, we would refer the case to the court. But around 12 cases are referred to the courts every month,” added Flora.

The victims of domestic violence include daughters who are harassed by their parents and brothers for various reasons. In a case, the parents of an upper caste woman were hell-bent on separating her daughter from the family of a lower-caste man. “Though the Act is very helpful for speedy disposal of such cases, the execution of the order is delayed. So, the amendment to ensure speedy execution of the order should be made,” advocate T Jayanthirani said.

However, it is true that some women are misusing the Act, added Jayanthirani.


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Wife gets rewarded for getting hubby arrested falsely

This is probably one of its kind. first, the wife goes to police and says that her husband is storing explosives, and is planning a potential terror attack. Police immediately arrested him. Then she was lauded and rewarded for such brave act. Later on police fails to establish the case in court, resulting acquittal of the husband. Now this lady )the wife), after her deposition, when probably came to know that she falsely framed her husband, consumed poison, and accused her in-laws of domestic violence for her act !! What next ?? Probably a 498A and abatement to suicide case, resulting another ¬†stint in jail for the husband …. Read the complete story below:


AHMEDABAD: Shehzad Rangrez, who was arrested by city police in July 2011 on his wife, Reshma’s complaint that he had explosives in his home, was exonerated by a sessions court on Friday.

Reshma was lauded and rewarded handsomely by the Gujarat police for turning her husband in for his “intention” to spread terror. But during the trial, Reshma told the court in January this year that she had not seen anything in her husband’s hand and that she had complained merely on her apprehension that Rangrez was planning to blow up the neighbourhood. She even denied that her husband was holding a bag in his hand on the evening of July 17, 2011, when he had returned home drunk.

Rangrez’s counsel S M Vora said that the court did not find any evidence against the accused and acquitted him. The court has ordered that Rangrez be released on a bail bond of Rs 5,000. He has been behind bars since his arrest on his wife’s complaint. The lawyer also criticized the police for spreading false information in the media that Rangrez was caught with bombs. In fact, Danilimda police had recovered white powder weighing 10 gram from his house. According to the FSL, the powder contained sulphur, nitrate and carbon, which are contents of gun powder.The FSL had also said in response to the city crime branch’s query, that a small tin, nails and marbles recovered along with the powder could be used to make a crude bomb. This led the police to book Rangrez under the Explosives Act. During the trial, many witnesses did not support the police argument that Rangrez wanted to make a bomb. One of the panch witnesses was president of a Gau Raksha Samiti from Jamalpur area. Even Reshma admitted that she had purchased firecrackers, rope and nails from different shops. The shopkeepers’ deposition later confirmed her testimony.

Reshma had also admitted that she had got her husband bailed out from jail a couple of days before the incident. He was jailed on charges of possessing unlicensed firearms.

After her deposition, Reshma allegedly consumed poison and accused her in-laws of domestic violence. Rangrez’s brother, Yasin, said, “Reshma did this to earn money. She is my brother’s second wife and lives separately from us. Shehzad’s first wife and kids live with us in Sarkhej.”


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Abla Naari’s harassed their junior for her good looks !

Yes this is true. Senior girl students of RKDF College, severely ragged their junior Anita Sharma, leading her to commit suicide. Her only fault was she was good looking, hence attracted more attention from boys than their liking. Result, she was subjected to severe ragging which leads her to commit suicide. Imagine if the same happened by men, this story would have made headlines, but since this is done by women, it was not given required importance !!


Anita was harassed because of her good looks: Police

BHOPAL: Anita Sharma was a victim of harassment because of her good looks, said police on Sunday.

“Anita was a good looking girl and a number of students including boy students, would interact with her. It probably did not go well with accused senior girl students who started harassing her for no reason,” police officials said. Anita committed suicide on August 6.

From statements of college students, it emerged that accused senior girl students of RKDF College ragged her because of her good looks, said Station House Officer (SHO) of Kamla Nagar police station Manish Raj Singh.

They continued to target her despite the fact that she was her junior, police said on Sunday. Over 12 people have been questioned so far.

In her suicide note, she wrote harassment by seniors forced her to take the extreme step.

Four senior girl students and an associate professor were booked and sent to jail for abetment to suicide.

Investigating officials at the Kamla Nagar police station said they have enough evidence against to nail the accused. The charges could attract a maximum punishment of 10 years, the police added.

The police have denied accessing accounts of the deceased on social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter or Orkut. Police officers hinted that if required they may access them in future.

The police are still clueless about boyfriends of the accused senior girl students the deceased had mentioned in suicide note.


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Yukta Mookhey – A classic case how 498A is used today !

This is one story I would be updating time to time, till the end …..

Well we all know Yukta Mookhey, former miss world (1999). She had been married since November 2008 to one Prince Tuli. Few days back they hit the headlines, when Yukta moved to court on July 3rd, 2013, accusing her husband and father in law, mother in law, 2 sister in laws of dowry harassment, unnatural sex etc etc. It is said that they went to a holiday in April 2012, and after 2 months problem grew relating to her acting career. So she did not wanted to sacrifice her career, and that was mostly one of the reasons for the conflict. Moreover, she was residing at her parents place along with their child for last one year as they had problems. So a smart, educated, modern, ex miss world crowned¬† “abla naari” took one year to understand that she was subjected to such cruelty by her husband and in laws that they should be booked under 498A / 406 / 377. You can read the complete story here.

Next what she did, she moved to court, obviously objected the anticipatory bail application moved by her husband and in laws, demanded that they should be remanded in jail for sure. Next, she hired a PR agency, to badmouth about her husbands family. She went ahead and stated he has psychological problems. While she is going all out harming the reputation of her husbands family, she managed to secure restraining order from court against him speaking about this matter in media, stated that he is in possession of some intimate videos of her, which, if leaked, can outrage the modesty of a woman. She also said that she brought streedhan worth 2 crore, and got stuff worth 2 lakhs in return only. You can read the complete story here.

Till now, it is progressing like any other common 498A story of an abla naari. But a simple google search will reveal that this is not the complete picture. She and her family are not alien to 498A world. In the year 2004, her uncle, his wife, and their 2 sons were arrested by Mulund police on charges of “subjecting wife to cruelty” and “causing hurt using dangerous weapon”.¬† The complaint was lodged by her sister in law.¬† So, obviously she was aware of 498A and its power. When her own marriage was on the rocks, she used the same ‘brahmastra’ !! You can read the complete story here.

Update 17.08.2013

Prince Tuli, in an interview with Nagpur Mirror, said that he will fight against the misuse of 498A. Below excerpts tells it all …

Nagpur Today   : What shall be your future course of action in this context?

Prince Tuli ¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† : Around fifty to sixty thousand people commit suicide every year just because of these fake, fictitious allegations and misuse of the 498 A law. It‚Äôs high time that this victimization of families and the stupid gender bias should be stopped. I‚Äôll fight not just for myself, but every victim of the misuse of this law till I breathe my last.” Read the complete interview here.

Update: 19.08.2013:

Yukta Mookhey moved Bombay High Court, challenging the arrest relief secured by her husband and in laws from the sessions court though Prince Tuli is said to be cooperating with the police with their investigation. So it is quite clear that how badly she wants them behind bar !! You can read the complete story here.

to be continued …..