Wife gets rewarded for getting hubby arrested falsely

This is probably one of its kind. first, the wife goes to police and says that her husband is storing explosives, and is planning a potential terror attack. Police immediately arrested him. Then she was lauded and rewarded for such brave act. Later on police fails to establish the case in court, resulting acquittal of the husband. Now this lady )the wife), after her deposition, when probably came to know that she falsely framed her husband, consumed poison, and accused her in-laws of domestic violence for her act !! What next ?? Probably a 498A and abatement to suicide case, resulting another  stint in jail for the husband …. Read the complete story below:


AHMEDABAD: Shehzad Rangrez, who was arrested by city police in July 2011 on his wife, Reshma’s complaint that he had explosives in his home, was exonerated by a sessions court on Friday.

Reshma was lauded and rewarded handsomely by the Gujarat police for turning her husband in for his “intention” to spread terror. But during the trial, Reshma told the court in January this year that she had not seen anything in her husband’s hand and that she had complained merely on her apprehension that Rangrez was planning to blow up the neighbourhood. She even denied that her husband was holding a bag in his hand on the evening of July 17, 2011, when he had returned home drunk.

Rangrez’s counsel S M Vora said that the court did not find any evidence against the accused and acquitted him. The court has ordered that Rangrez be released on a bail bond of Rs 5,000. He has been behind bars since his arrest on his wife’s complaint. The lawyer also criticized the police for spreading false information in the media that Rangrez was caught with bombs. In fact, Danilimda police had recovered white powder weighing 10 gram from his house. According to the FSL, the powder contained sulphur, nitrate and carbon, which are contents of gun powder.The FSL had also said in response to the city crime branch’s query, that a small tin, nails and marbles recovered along with the powder could be used to make a crude bomb. This led the police to book Rangrez under the Explosives Act. During the trial, many witnesses did not support the police argument that Rangrez wanted to make a bomb. One of the panch witnesses was president of a Gau Raksha Samiti from Jamalpur area. Even Reshma admitted that she had purchased firecrackers, rope and nails from different shops. The shopkeepers’ deposition later confirmed her testimony.

Reshma had also admitted that she had got her husband bailed out from jail a couple of days before the incident. He was jailed on charges of possessing unlicensed firearms.

After her deposition, Reshma allegedly consumed poison and accused her in-laws of domestic violence. Rangrez’s brother, Yasin, said, “Reshma did this to earn money. She is my brother’s second wife and lives separately from us. Shehzad’s first wife and kids live with us in Sarkhej.”


Link to the original post: http://articles.timesofindia.indiatimes.com/2013-09-28/ahmedabad/42480907_1_reshma-gujarat-police-police-argument


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