US man buys billboard ad to find love!

When it comes to making laws for women, feminists always look up to west, import their laws after due customization ensuring minimal responsibility for today’s empowered women. They are simply not bothered to think if these laws will do any good or address the actual problem.

In west, these laws cost havoc already, and people are marrying-divorcing like never before. A very common joke comes to my mind which I could not resist sharing:

In US, a wife rushes home shouting to her husband, “Honey honey come quickly, your kinds and my kinds are beating up our kids”.

Jokes apart, below news article is a reality in US. I do not want to comment if this is a good sign for human civilization, and leave it upto your own thought processes.


New York: A middle-aged US man has taken his search for love to new heights by shelling out “a few thousand dollars” on a giant billboard, overlooking a busy Chicago expressway, to advertise his quest for a perfect soul mate.

“I’m Gordon! Let’s have dinner!” says the billboard overlooking the Stevenson Expressway.

It also displays his picture and the address of his own dating website,

Gordon Engle, a forty-something wealthy divorcee from Chicago, decided to spend money on the advertisement when he became disenchanted with online dating sites, ‘New York Daily News’ reported.

Engle, a self-made entrepreneur, said he was looking for love in all the wrong places, so he decided to try something new.
“You’ll spend several thousand on education, a quarter-million on a house, money on a car, but what’s your most important thing?” he asked.

“Your significant other. You’re going to go cheap on that?” he said.

“There’s not a lot of difference between a billboard and I think [a billboard] shows a little more sincerity,” he told Chicago’s

Engle’s innovative idea seems to be paying off. So far, the billboard has fetched between 15 and 20 ‘solid’ applicants, he said.

However, gold diggers should stay away. Engle said he could spot them “within five minutes.”



link to original article:


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