False cases of domestic violence on the raise

The truth is out, that as the number of cases under domestic violence are increasing, so are the number of false cases. What are our lawmakers doing? Simply ignoring this fact, and making more and more such biased and illogical laws, citing existing laws are inadequate.


TRICHY: Records reveal that the cases of domestic violence against women are on the rise inTrichy, though not all are genuine incidents. It has been found that some women misuse the provisions of the law by lodging false complaints against their family members to settle scores or for gains.

An exclusive unit for dealing with cases related to domestic violence against women dealt with 33 such cases in July this year, a spurt over the 23 cases reported in June. The number of cases reported in the first five months of 2013 was 19, 26, 20, 14 and 16 respectively. “The cases of domestic violence against women are increasing. Domestic violence is reported irrespective of social status as the educated, the uneducated, the poor and the rich approach us to get a solution,” said Flora Margaret, protection officer at the department of social welfare, in Trichy.

Even though many of the complaints are genuine, it can’t be denied that some women misuse the Domestic Violence Act (DVA) to take revenge on their family members. “There are instances when women have used the Act as a weapon to separate from a joint family citing domestic violence. Such cases can be nailed. Women should make use of the Act to protect them from domestic violence but not to harm others,” said P Dhanalakshmi, an advocate.

The domestic violence is categorised as physical, verbal and emotional, sexual and economical. The cases under all the five categories were brought to the notice of this office. “We have come across all types of domestic violence here. We are trying to provide solution by inquiring with the complainant as well as the opponent. Once the case is settled, it would be happy ending for everyone. Otherwise, we would refer the case to the court. But around 12 cases are referred to the courts every month,” added Flora.

The victims of domestic violence include daughters who are harassed by their parents and brothers for various reasons. In a case, the parents of an upper caste woman were hell-bent on separating her daughter from the family of a lower-caste man. “Though the Act is very helpful for speedy disposal of such cases, the execution of the order is delayed. So, the amendment to ensure speedy execution of the order should be made,” advocate T Jayanthirani said.

However, it is true that some women are misusing the Act, added Jayanthirani.


Link to original article: http://articles.timesofindia.indiatimes.com/2013-08-09/madurai/41237047_1_violence-act-domestic-violence-speedy-disposal


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