Divorce makes life hell for men

Our lawmakers and also many of us believe that divorce makes the life of the wife hell, it becomes very difficult for her to survive after a divorce. So we are happily making laws after laws to give protection and security to women. But, have we ever tried to think how it affects the man? Is he always happy to get back his lost bachelorhood? We always tend to believe that he should be happy, but reality begs to differ according to an International study. Read on:


Divorced men have higher rates of mortality, substance abuse, depression, and lack of social support, a new study has revealed.

Authors Daniel S. Felix, PhD, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, W. David Robinson, PhD,Utah State University, Logan, and Kimberly J. Jarzynka, MD, University of Nebraska Medical Center, Omaha demonstrate an urgent need to recognize and treat men’s divorce-related healthproblems in a provocative case study and review of the literature entitled ‘The Influence ofDivorce on Men’s Health.’

Divorce has been associated with a variety of psychological and behavioral disorders.

For the specific case of the divorced 45-year-old man described in this case study and review, the authors recommend how to evaluate his complaints and plan a course of treatment based on current clinical guidelines.

Ridwan Shabsigh, MD, President of the International Society of Men’s Health (ISMH), said that popular perception, and many cultures as well as the media present men as tough, resilient, and less vulnerable to psychological trauma than women.

He said that the fact is that men get affected substantially by psychological trauma and negative life events like divorce, bankruptcy, war, and bereavement.

The study has been published in the Journal of Men’s Health.


Link to original article: http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/life-style/relationships/man-woman/Divorce-makes-life-hell-for-men/articleshow/23363772.cms?intenttarget=no



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