Abla Naari’s harassed their junior for her good looks !

Yes this is true. Senior girl students of RKDF College, severely ragged their junior Anita Sharma, leading her to commit suicide. Her only fault was she was good looking, hence attracted more attention from boys than their liking. Result, she was subjected to severe ragging which leads her to commit suicide. Imagine if the same happened by men, this story would have made headlines, but since this is done by women, it was not given required importance !!


Anita was harassed because of her good looks: Police

BHOPAL: Anita Sharma was a victim of harassment because of her good looks, said police on Sunday.

“Anita was a good looking girl and a number of students including boy students, would interact with her. It probably did not go well with accused senior girl students who started harassing her for no reason,” police officials said. Anita committed suicide on August 6.

From statements of college students, it emerged that accused senior girl students of RKDF College ragged her because of her good looks, said Station House Officer (SHO) of Kamla Nagar police station Manish Raj Singh.

They continued to target her despite the fact that she was her junior, police said on Sunday. Over 12 people have been questioned so far.

In her suicide note, she wrote harassment by seniors forced her to take the extreme step.

Four senior girl students and an associate professor were booked and sent to jail for abetment to suicide.

Investigating officials at the Kamla Nagar police station said they have enough evidence against to nail the accused. The charges could attract a maximum punishment of 10 years, the police added.

The police have denied accessing accounts of the deceased on social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter or Orkut. Police officers hinted that if required they may access them in future.

The police are still clueless about boyfriends of the accused senior girl students the deceased had mentioned in suicide note.


Link to original news article: http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/bhopal/Anita-was-harassed-because-of-her-good-looks-Police/articleshow/21770650.cms?intenttarget=no


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