Yukta Mookhey – A classic case how 498A is used today !

This is one story I would be updating time to time, till the end …..

Well we all know Yukta Mookhey, former miss world (1999). She had been married since November 2008 to one Prince Tuli. Few days back they hit the headlines, when Yukta moved to court on July 3rd, 2013, accusing her husband and father in law, mother in law, 2 sister in laws of dowry harassment, unnatural sex etc etc. It is said that they went to a holiday in April 2012, and after 2 months problem grew relating to her acting career. So she did not wanted to sacrifice her career, and that was mostly one of the reasons for the conflict. Moreover, she was residing at her parents place along with their child for last one year as they had problems. So a smart, educated, modern, ex miss world crowned  “abla naari” took one year to understand that she was subjected to such cruelty by her husband and in laws that they should be booked under 498A / 406 / 377. You can read the complete story here.

Next what she did, she moved to court, obviously objected the anticipatory bail application moved by her husband and in laws, demanded that they should be remanded in jail for sure. Next, she hired a PR agency, to badmouth about her husbands family. She went ahead and stated he has psychological problems. While she is going all out harming the reputation of her husbands family, she managed to secure restraining order from court against him speaking about this matter in media, stated that he is in possession of some intimate videos of her, which, if leaked, can outrage the modesty of a woman. She also said that she brought streedhan worth 2 crore, and got stuff worth 2 lakhs in return only. You can read the complete story here.

Till now, it is progressing like any other common 498A story of an abla naari. But a simple google search will reveal that this is not the complete picture. She and her family are not alien to 498A world. In the year 2004, her uncle, his wife, and their 2 sons were arrested by Mulund police on charges of “subjecting wife to cruelty” and “causing hurt using dangerous weapon”.  The complaint was lodged by her sister in law.  So, obviously she was aware of 498A and its power. When her own marriage was on the rocks, she used the same ‘brahmastra’ !! You can read the complete story here.

Update 17.08.2013

Prince Tuli, in an interview with Nagpur Mirror, said that he will fight against the misuse of 498A. Below excerpts tells it all …

Nagpur Today   : What shall be your future course of action in this context?

Prince Tuli         : Around fifty to sixty thousand people commit suicide every year just because of these fake, fictitious allegations and misuse of the 498 A law. It’s high time that this victimization of families and the stupid gender bias should be stopped. I’ll fight not just for myself, but every victim of the misuse of this law till I breathe my last.” Read the complete interview here.

Update: 19.08.2013:

Yukta Mookhey moved Bombay High Court, challenging the arrest relief secured by her husband and in laws from the sessions court though Prince Tuli is said to be cooperating with the police with their investigation. So it is quite clear that how badly she wants them behind bar !! You can read the complete story here.

to be continued …..


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