India Rising…is it?

Ajmal Kasab, I guess we have not forgot the name. The same person, who wrecked havoc in Mumbai during 26th-29th November, 2008 killing 166 people, injuring more than 300 people. He was the only one who was caught alive. What followed was typical trial process for next 4 years, up to supreme court and even highest appeal allowed, mercy plea to the president of India, and finally hanged on 21st November, 2012. He was kept is special security jails, ensuring he can not commit suicide.

The reason I am saying all these, is I happened to read this news article, published on one of the prominent daily Indian Express, stating that the authorities are struggling to explain how one of the main accused of the heinous Delhi gang rape incident died inside Tihar jail. You can read the news article here. Well I am not advocating for him, nor, I am supporting what he did. Yes he was one of accused of the incident, and was most probably on the verge of being punished. If you ask me, I would also support the strongest and trend setting punishment for such a person, but in accordance with law and only after being convicted. But unfortunately that does not seems to be the case here. It is speculated that he was actually murdered inside jail, after being sexually assaulted. Question is why? Probably we will never get the answer.

We all know what followed after the Delhi gang rape incident. The whole nation went viral, the capital of India was stalled for a week, creating complete mayhem, for the demand of justice. It was really great to see that India has not forgotten the power to protest.

But, unfortunately I could not get to read such uproar for Kasab. Is a terrorist, who engaged in war against the country, killing 166 person less important than a rapists? While no one is raising their voices about what had happened to that Ram Singh, the gang rape accused, it leads me to believe that the country is happy that he is dead. Well, I am not supporting the person here, nor what he did, as I believe he would have been hanged otherwise also, most probably. My sole point is, the way his life was taken, is not justified, though he is believed to be committed one of the most heinous act. But then also, we have our legal system to decide what should happen to him / or any accused. Is it that we have lost faith in our legal system and happy that a criminal is killed, which most of us demanded? If this is the case, then I am afraid, this would raise a serious problem in future. For one, tomorrow if someone else is accused of rape or any other form of crime against women, he should be killed, without going through the trial process ? If that is the case, then why did we not demanded the same for Kasab? Was he less criminal? Was he less danger to our society? And most importantly what the courts and legal system is there for? How will one judge if an accused is actually guilty or not (we all know the conviction rate of women related laws after all !!)?

In recent times, we heard a lot about India Rising campaigns. But I am wondering, are we actually rising? Is this really can be termed as rising? Where a terrorist coming from another country is ensured fair trial process lasting for 4 years, and a citizen of our country is getting killed in jail even before he is convicted? Even if we look around, almost every other moth, we get to hear about scams of thousands and lakhs of crore rupees, prices of all the products are increasing faster than we can imagine, people losing all hope from judiciary, and in the name of women empowerment, we are allowing more women criminals going Scot free and breaking thousands of families each year. While we hear the feminists saying that women are not believed to lie or misuse laws, I would request you to do read the Media Coverage section of this blog if you also happen to believe so. If you are interested to understand why and how this is being done, you might like to read this piece.

So in a nutshell, people are losing hope in judiciary, country is looted, prices of everything is increasing rapidly, corruption is all time high, education system is rotting, families are breaking …. and while all the mayhem is going on, the persons responsible for running this country efficiently are sleeping !! And we are made to believe (which I would definitely love to see happening in future though) that our country is rising !!!


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