Paradigm shift

While I thought of starting this blog, I was actually thinking about a suitable name for it, then finally decided on no man’s land, as I believed, India unfortunately is becoming one at a steady pace, thanks to wrong thinking of a section of people. for past few days, my believe even became stronger!

For past few days, entire nation is fuming about the recent gang rape incident that happened in Delhi. Almost everybody is demanding death penalty for the accused persons who have committed the crime. Thousands of people are out there in the streets of Delhi, demanding strongest punishment of the accused and also amending the laws. Numerous talk shows are taking place in various TV channels everyday on this issue. There are various demands as punishment: capital punishment / chemical castration / bobbitization etc etc.

While reading the news I could not help but note few points:

1. India has not lost its power to come out in open and protest. but is has been encapsulated to very few issues. In resent past, we were vocal about lokpal bill, and today for the punishment of the accused in this rape case.

2. I am pained to see the biased nature of the Govt, media, and even common public.  Govt because it goes on making illogical biased laws after laws that is slowly breaking the social balance, media because it is showing double standard in the way it is reporting. And common public because they are least bothered about most of the things happening around them.

Let me illustrate it with a clear evidence here.  Around the same time when the barbaric rape case was the headlines of the news papers, another incident, where the wife had chopped off her husband into 11 pieces, went almost unnoticed. Why it also did not made headlines ? Is it less barbaric? Is it less traumatic ? Well probably according to media YES. This is not the only one, there are many many such incidents, like this one, where the wife murdered her husband and MIL for insurance money. Why the same media is not vocal when a lady sends her SIL, MIL etc to jail in false Dowry cases? Are not those crime done on women? According to NCRB, more than 1 lac innocent men and women are sent to jail in false dowry case alone. Is all woman empowerment and laws are for young single women and newly married women only? What is the fault of the women who does not fall in that group? What is the fault of the Men in India, who does not even have a ministry, no fund is allocated for their welfare, nobody is bothered about them and almost everyday a new biased law is made against them.

The Govt and media is so much organized and working in sync that it slowly succeeded in making common people believe that women means they are harassed, tortured or raped. There are wolves in disguise out there on the streets, and every single man believes, every other male other than himself can be a rapist or molester.

Recently, I was having a conversation with a friend of mine over a cup of coffee. I got to know from her, that one of her friend, who works in a BPO having a steady boyfriend is rumored to be also seeing his male boss. Further I got to know that, it was her boyfriend who helped her to get the job at the same office. Now once she got the job, she got intimate with her boss, progressing very fast in her career. She is always seen her boss on every big occasion like 25th dec, 31st dec, 14th feb etc. Slowly she broke off the relationship with her boyfriend also. When my friend asked her why she is doing this, her reply was something like this:

“See I had this guy as my boyfriend. We used to have sex almost every weekend. Now I am seeing my boss, with whom I have sex occasionally. I know that there is no future to this relationship. We are very clear about our needs. The benefit of having sex with my boss rather than my boyfriend is that I got 2 promotions in last 1.5 years, which I otherwise would never got to be very frank. Now, since my sexual need is also being fulfilled by my boss, why should I keep the additional baggage of that boyfriend. So I broke up with him, and it gives me a lot of free time as well. And when the time will come for marriage, I will mostly go for an arranged marriage if I do not find a suitable guy”.

Now, I do not know, if tomorrow this lady cries that she is being raped by her boss, what will happen? But one thing is clear, this is the thinking of a section of today’s gen y-women, who are highly educated, career centric, modern in mindset, free from inhibitions and backdated customs and rituals. They are deep contrast to the women in our rural areas, who are traditional, with deep respect and believe in our customs and rituals.

From this rural women to this gen y alpha women, Indian women has come a long way.  While this movement is rather silent, it is encapsulated on the other hand by the feminists and women’s rights bodies by their hollow cry. They have, to a great extent succeeded in making the common man believe that today’s women are the most tortured of the lot, and men are out there to torture women whenever they get slightest of chance. This way, men are always portrayed as the culprits, and criminalized and the sympathies are showered on women, no matter what they do. If you are interested in understanding why and how this is done, read this Feminism, women empowerment and India. Today we find it hard to believe that a woman can lie or take undue benefit simply because she is so helpless.

Not only that, the biggest fight f this movement is attributed against our patriarchal system, which according to them gives no recognition for women, and they are always subjected to inhumane cruelty. Well, every social system has its own problems. If you really need to change that setup, uplift the social position of women, no body is complaining. No body is demanding that a woman should not have any rights. But the problem is how we are ensuring better rights for women, how we are trying to uplift them?

The way it is being practiced in India, it will produce more and more inefficient women, because this movement nowhere talks about the roles and responsibilities a woman needs to perform. It is encouraging more women not do any work, simply abuse the process of law and become instant rich.  They will simply file a rape / molestation case to teach her boyfriend a lesson, sexual harassment case to gain easy benefits / promotions in offices, matrimonial cases to get easy cash awards to stay away from marriage …. in this process they understands that, they can simply snatch assets / what they need, rather than make a credible earning. This feminism model tries to give equal rights to women based on gender without being actually making them earn it for themselves. When you ensure and start giving away assets to someone based on gender only who does not deserve it, you are also ensuring you are depriving someone who actually deserve it. This way, slowly the society will go down. reason being, men will simply think what is the point in earning more, when it will be gifted away? On the other hand, women are never taught or encouraged to earn for themselves. Imagine what will happen to our country when people will stop working!!  While doing all these, they also forget that they have a very important role to play in our society, that is of a mother. What do you expect such a woman to teach her child ? And what will happen to that society where more and more women are turning like this !! Inefficiency will increase and we will be fooled to believe that we are empowering and moving forward, wherein in reality, the country will slowly collapse !!

This paradigm shift of people is the most dangerous and poisonous thing that can happen to a society. While we are made blind to the advancement of women and forced to believe that they are “abla nari”, what slowly but steadily we are doing is destroying the society by making man and woman enemy of each other and creating a inefficient society.


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