498A husband sends parcel bomb

It looks like a classic case of “pati”, “patni” aur “woh”. The “pati”, a mechanical engineer; “patni”, a legal terrorist as per filed a 498A case against the husband; and “woh”, a human rights activists & crime reporter, who came to the rescue of the “patni”, ensured the villain “pati” is arrested and jailed for 2 months.

Result: “Pati” hatched a plan to eliminate the “woh”, with the help of other inmates, sends a percel bomb which kills “woh”. Perfect revenge !!


The Howrah city police has cracked the case of the lethal parcel bomb which killed a human rights activist Chaitali Santra in Howrah’s South Banksara area last week. This was a case of revenge murder, the police has concluded after the arrest and interrogation of three culprits.

The police has recovered a mobile phone, an ATM card and the motor cycle which was used to deliver the parcel.
In its painstaking investigation, the police zeroed in on one Debashis Dey as main accused. On the Howrah police’s tip-off, Dey was arrested from Ratnagiri on Thursday by the Maharashtra police. He worked in Maharashtra.
Chaitali had helped Dey’s wife Madhurima in a marital discord case. Due to Chaitali’s legal assistance, Madhurima had succeeded in getting her “tormentor husband” arrested on a 498A charge. “ Dey held a grudge against the victim. In a bid to take revenge, Dey hired supari killers to eliminate Chaitali,” the police commissioner of Howrah city police, Ajay Ranade announced on Thursday.
Dey who is a mechanical engineer hatched an unusual plot to kill Chaitali. A large parcel was delivered by two men to the house of Santras on the afternoon of September 26. Chaitali, 40, was blown up as soon as she unwrapped the parcel. Her husband Himangshu, 48, was critically injured in the explosion. Later, the police learnt from him that he had warned her against opening the parcel sent by unknown person. But Chaitali apparently did not pay heed to his advice and lost her life.
Unravelling the details of the gruesome crime, Mr Ranade said that the police managed to solve the case in seven days by analysing the eyewitness account, source inputs and some brilliant investigation. Chaitali was a human rights activist who also dabbled in journalism for a small Delhi publication.
After interrogating Satabdi, the daughter of the slain woman, the police learnt that she had played an active role in the arrest of Dey who had to spend nearly a month in jail. He held a deep-rooted grudge against Chaitali. “The motive is clear: personal enmity. The victim had helped Dey’s wife during the pursuit of a court case under 498A. As a result of which Dey was arrested. It was in the jail that he met Subhankar Das and gave him a supari of `2 lakh to kill Chaitali,” Mr Ranade said.
Subhankar organised the entire crime. He roped in one Biswajit Majhi, an electric mechanic who assembled the crude bomb which killed Chaitali in a house in Liluah. The bomb was sent in a parcel through one Abhishek Roy and another youth. Giving details of the weapon that killed Chaitali, The Howrah police has arrested Subhankar, Biswajit and Abhishek and sent a team of police officers to bring the arrested main accused Dey from Ratnagiri on a transit remand. The fifth accused is absconding.



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